Premium domain names are domains that are already registered. They usually consist of words or phrases that have commercial value, making a website address easy to remember.

1-word and 2-word domains are the most common format for premium domains. But, 3-word phrase could are also considered premium.

They are concise and to the point, not only manipulating consumer behavior but also help manipulate search engine appearance.

More memorable building brand recognition. Consumers naturally associate generic keyword domains with market leadership.


Like a fine wine or a good cheese the age of a domain is a beneficial factor in determining price.
Domain age conveys trust to website visitors and to the search engines.

Domain age is important for SEO purposes because the age of a website is a search engine ranking factor. The search engines want to provide users with the best possible results. As a website ages over time, it becomes more trusted in the eyes of the search engines as long as it has quality content and a robust portfolio of relevant inbound links that have been established over time. An older domain age conveys longevity, whereas there is more uncertainty regarding what a new website can or will offer to visitors.

Finding a domains age isn’t as simple as checking who-is search or an archive tool, so make sure you know what to look for and how to search.

Owners of new domains shouldn’t worry that their website will never be able to compete, as using qualified SEO experts will ensure you gain Authority over your predecessors.

The best domains tend to be registered before the dot-com bubble and are nearly 20 years old. Unless the owners let them lapse, forgot to renew them you could see yourself become an instant millionaire! Look at this example for which someone snapped 2 years ago.


Your domain has had a website on it before, that website was dominating in terms of online presence, so now the Domain has Authority. That means anything done with the domain passes on authority which means instant improvements in your own website.

This authority is best transmitted via a redirect, but if you’re wanting to increase the Authority and prolong it affect then you have many options. Contact us today and we will be able to put you in touch with professionals in this field. Not only will they be help you rank faster they will also help sustain the value in the domain.


This is how rare a domain is. Try find a Top Level Domain with just Builder in the Title. The same with Plumber, Insurance or any popular word. Age does not have to be a factor either. Lets take for example the new .media domains. On release date all Anomaly domains were snapped up with selling for £2500 the very next day of purchase. Even though the domain only cost £30 to register.

The .cloud domains – only released recently is now for sale for £45,000!

The four A’s to find a Premium Domains. The more combinations of the A’s a domain has, the higher the Value of the domain.

Consider which was bought in 2001.

All 4 A’s of the premium domain spectrum were satisfied and so it sold for $50 million in 2010.

Cost of domains

The lower valued Premium Domains tend to be around the £200 – £500 mark but again if any of the above factors come into play that can bump the price up. Prices for the very best .UK domains can be as much as £600,000.  If you are looking to acquire a domain for your business, setting realistic price expectations is crucial. Typically, .UK premium domains that are not absolute category killers will tend to sit in the £1,000-5,000 range. It became apparent that Google and other popular search engines gave much more weight to keyword or EMDs. So, a site with less content and less links than another (but using an EMD) would outrank competitors with ease. As a theoretical example, “”, even a relatively new site, could outrank a long-standing plumber from the area that might be named “”.


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