301 Redirects and Premium Domains


A 301 redirect is great for ensuring type through traffic to your website. Type through traffic accounts for roughly 10% of search traffic for any given term. For example lets take the domain www.accountantslondon.co.uk with 10,000 searches for the term Accountant London that means type through traffic alone is approx 700 – 1000 visitors per month just from people typing in the domain. That is how a 301 redirect works.

Using a 301 redirect is the most common way of passing link juice from one domain to another. In fact Matt Cutts provides a detailed description of the positive effect of 301 Redirects and the authority passed by performing a 301 redirect in the right way. He reiterates that just like normal links to your website, 301 redirects ensure that 90% of link juice is passed onto your website.

Increased Traffic to your website = More Online visibility for your services

So how does it all work?

A recent study from SEMRush concluded that direct website visits are the most influential ranking factor. In their opinion, visitors that are going directly to your site are telling Google that your domain has high value. This can be heavily influenced by the right premium domain names directing traffic.

For example, if people are looking for a artificial grass in Hertfordshire and are redirected by www.artificialgrasshertfordshire.co.uk to a website – Google see that website as high value for that term meaning higher rankings.

To back this up, we’ve seen first-hand with older blog posts climbing to the top of Google after they get a spike in traffic. This could be in the form of referral traffic from a premium domain redirect, from Facebook, Twitter or Reddit for example.


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