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Our internal domain catching process ensures that all our important domains are never lost. We register domains in your specific details, meaning you have full control over the domain – this includes the ability to let it expire.  So when domains expire, we snap them up the same second to ensure fresh registrant details.

Some domains are just too good to be true – we will always monitor domain lists to ensure that we provide potential clients with the best domain to help them get found online. Whether a fresh domain or an existing domain to take over ownership, you will always be in control.

The one off fee is to transfer the registration of the domain into your details. This means you own the domain outright and have full control of the domain. This also means that no one else can own that domain for as long as you want to keep it. This means that all traffic and any benefits that the domain possesses you now possess.

Sure is! The domain is currently yours according to ICAAN and Nominet criteria, but in order to maintain your registration on their database you’ll need to pay the small nominal tax fee to them. Our hosting company will contact you each year to remind you about the domain renewal fee but you will also need somewhere to host your domain. So each year our hosting company will contact you with a gentle reminder about the hosting fee which the renewal fee is built into.

In order for the redirect to work, the domain will need to be hosted somewhere. Because the domain name is your domain you have the option to host wherever you want – the domain is your domain! So whether you choose your own hosting company or use our hosting company, it requires that it lives somewhere for the domain redirect to work.

Once you have successful purchased the registration rights to your domain you can do as you please. Redirect to a certain page, turn the redirection on or off at any time, build a website on the domain; the choice is yours. If you are wanting to transfer the domain out please indicate this to us as soon as possible. If within the first 30 days we provide you with a free domain transfer to the hosting company of your choice. After 30 days we will look to just cover the administration cost of time to move your domain but keep you updated every step of the way.

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