Domain Name Sales

Each day we actively look to match successful premium domain names with successful businesses looking for the edge over their competition. We have a team full of experienced domain managers, sellers and registrants that deal with thousands of domains in our portfolio. Whether they are newly registered on our database or caught in our domains system, we only offer Premium Domain names that fit the criteria on our domains page. Why Premium Domains?

We are actively involved in brokering three to four domain sales a day and our understanding of the process achieves the best results. We have an expert dedicated to each phase of the domain sale, including research, planning, marketing, negotiations, transfer and legal.

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Personalised Service

Premium domains currently has more than 35,000 premium domains listed, and we can help make your decision to buy or sell.

Consulting Service

We provide a range of professional services including consulting, acquisition, sales, appraisals and escrow.

Relax and Let Us Do the Hard Work

Let us take care of the details, and negotiations for buying, selling or with our range of consulting services.


All of our domains are available to buy – provided the price is right. We are not into charging £5k for a domain worth £500 (there are plenty that do), however we do have a minimum price for any domain – £250+VAT. This covers our admin time and renewing the domain for you (if applicable).

Once we have received your money, we transfer the domain to a registrar of your choice within 24 hours.

Whether you know exactly what name you need to own, when you need it by and what price you are willing to pay, or you’ve just started a different type of business  we at PDN will be able to assist you. We’ve dealt with simple and complex matters and understand how the process works, that’s how we can offer better results than an individual approach or basic self-motivated research into a domain name. The issues may seem simple, but often aren’t. That’s why it’s worth using a professional consultant who deals with domain names every single day as part of their working life.

This service is ideal for

  • startups looking for their ideal business/domain name.
  • digital marketing agencies looking to acquire domains for clients.
  • venture capital & angel investor companies looking for domain name help for new companies.
  • entrepreneurs looking to acquire domains for their domain portfolio.

Buying Domains

There are 2 ways we help you find and/or buy your ideal domain(s):

  • We can do all the domain marketplace research for you and come back with a list of potential domains for you to purchase.
  • If your ideal domain is already owned and you need help in negotiating with the owner we can act as a domain broker on your behalf to secure the domain.


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through a premium domain.

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