Whether you are a new comer looking for a second form of revenue or a Fortune 500 Corporation looking to acquire that perfect domain PDN can help you. When you’re desperately trying to acquire a specific domain name and can’t seem to do so through any of the obvious channels, employing the power of our premium domain brokerage service may be the answer you’ve been looking for. We help our clients acquire the domain names they want with a high rate of successful acquisitions due to our brokerage skills. Our experts have established an array of industry connections and are familiar with using a variety of platforms to make offers and negotiate the sale of a specific domain on behalf of our clients. If you’re looking to acquire a domain name that has already been registered and is not currently for sale in any major marketplace or aftermarket auction site, we can go beyond the call of duty and take steps to contact the owner of the domain directly to make an offer and negotiate a favourable sale on your behalf. Our clients comes to us because they want a specific premium domain name and they want it as fast as possible and as cheap as possible. We then utilise our expertise and broad range of industry connections, resources, and platforms, to do whatever is necessary to present and offer and successfully negotiate mutually beneficial and expeditious sale.

Our job as premium domain brokers is to help our clients do the following:

Research and Discover the Owner of a Domain

If the domain you want has already been registered and it is not listed in any marketplaces, we can track down the owner of the domain using the WHOIS database and other less common resources.

Devise and Make a Suitable Offer

Once we have the contact details for the owner we can persistently attempt to present an appealing offer that will spark negotiations.

Negotiate the Sale by Formulating Counter Offers

If the owner of the domain express disinterest in selling their domain, or is requesting a higher sales price, we’ll relay the necessary information to ensure that an ideal counteroffer or appeal can be presented.

 Facilitate the Sale and Minimise any Associated Fees

Finally, once a sales price has been agreed upon, our goal is to keep costs low for our clients. In some cases this involves facilitating that sale in Escrow rather than through one of the aftermarket domain markets, which often have higher

In addition to helping our clients obtain the domain names they want, we’ve amassed a collection of more than 1000 premium domain names, many of which have UK extensions. If you’re looking to acquire a specific domain and haven’t been able to do so by any other means, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll tell you how our domain brokerage service can help.


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